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Drug Crimes

Massachusetts Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a drug crime can be a confusing and frightening experience. Harsh drug laws in Massachusetts can require mandatory minimum jail sentences even for first time offenders. Sometimes drug cases are dismissed if a judge suppresses the drug evidence due to an illegal search by the police. Framingham Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer Daniel Cappetta has the experience necessary to evaluate your case and file motions that may persuade the judge to throw out the prosecutor's evidence. Other times, cases can be won at trial or disposed of by an agreement that will not require any jail time. Contact Middlesex County Drug Defense Lawyer Daniel Cappetta for a free 24 hour phone consultation to get a better understanding of your options immediately.

Types of Drug Crimes Possession

Possession is the most commonly charged type of drug crime. Drug possession charges can arise from almost any interaction between the police and the public. All too often a routine traffic stop ends with the police searching a car and charging the occupants with drug possession. Drug possession charges do not require mandatory minimum jail sentences, but convictions can result in license suspensions and harmful criminal records.

Possession With Intent to Distribute

Possession with intent to distribute is the charge most often used to prosecute someone the police suspect of dealing drugs. These charges do not carry a mandatory minimum jail sentence by themselves, but a prosecutor is more likely to seek jail time on these charges than on a straight possession charge.

Distribution of a Controlled Substance

Distribution charges are used by police when they believe they have caught someone in the act of dealing drugs. Typically these charges are brought when police use an informant or undercover officer to buy drugs from the target of an ongoing drug investigation. It is also possible for police to bring these charges on occasions when officers observe what they think is a drug deal on regular patrol.

If the police charge an individual with possession with intent to distribute or distribution they will often add a school zone charge if the drugs were found or a suspected drug deal was seen within 1000 feet of a school or 100 feet of a park. School Zone charges require a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 2 years. Every day of 2 years must be served in jail and there is no parole or probation possible on this charge.


Trafficking charges are extremely heavy handed charges that require lengthy mandatory minimum sentences to be served in state prison. The length of the mandatory minimum sentence varies on the type and weight of drug involved. Each day of these mandatory minimum sentences must be served in a state prison and parole is not possible until the mandatory minimum time has been served.

Contact Drug Defense Attorney Daniel Cappetta

If you or a loved one have been charged with any drug crime contact Attorney Cappetta immediately for a free consultation about your case. Every year, too many people become statistics in our country's war on drugs. Don't let yourself or a loved one go into court without a tenacious advocate who will work tirelessly to fight the drug charges brought by the government. Attorney Cappetta is available for free consultations 24 hours a day. If someone you care about has been arrested on drug charges and is facing court in the morning, contact Attorney Cappetta immediately for a free consultation.