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Juvenile Defense

Massachusetts Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer

Juvenile Court charges need to be taken seriously and defended vigorously. Often times parents have a natural instinct to have their children submit to the authority of the court or the police and admit the mistakes they have made. Although this is a natural feeling for a responsible parent, there can be lifelong consequences that result from a juvenile case.

Often times a school will move to suspend or expel a student based on a juvenile offense that has nothing to do with a child's behavior at school. If a school attempts to expel your child, the outcome of the case in Juvenile Court will be critical to your child's future educational prospects.

You Need An Experienced Juvenile Attorney Juvenile Charges Need A Massachusetts Juvenile Defense Lawyer

The juvenile justice system in Massachusetts is a separate court system from the adult justice system. Although juveniles must follow the same laws as adults there are many differences in how the two systems handle violations of those laws. The penalties for juvenile offenses are different from the corresponding adult penalty in every case. In many cases the law provides greater protections for juveniles from police interrogation.

Juveniles can be indicted as youthful offenders and face extremely harsh sentences, including adult prison time if convicted. If your child is charged with a crime he or she will need an attorney who is experienced in dealing with these differences from the adult system.

Former Juvenile Prosecutor Defending Your Child

As a former Juvenile Prosecutor in the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office Daniel Cappetta prosecuted countless cases in Juvenile Court. During his time as a Juvenile Prosecutor Attorney Cappetta gained valuable experience in how the Juvenile Court system works and uses that experience, along with his dedicated approach to clients, to work for the best possible result for your child. Contact Attorney Cappetta today for a free in depth consultation regarding your child's case as well as any possible collateral consequences your child could potentially face as a result.

Finding The Right Massachusetts Juvenile Lawyer

When considering which attorney to hire to represent your child in Juvenile Court always ask the following questions.

  1. How much of your practice is devoted to work in Juvenile Court?
  2. How many juvenile court cases have you handled in your career?
  3. How many cases have you taken to trial in the Juvenile Court?
  4. Are you familiar with the differences in the law between Juvenile Court and adult criminal proceedings?

Finding the right Juvenile Attorney for your child's case means finding someone with experience in the Juvenile Court and someone who will fight for the best outcome for your child.

Contact Juvenile Defense Attorney Daniel Cappetta

Attorney Cappetta can protect your child's rights in the courtroom and also represent your child in expulsion hearings held by the school system. Even if you think your child may have done what he or she is charged with do NOT trust the system to treat your child's youthful indiscretion fairly. Your child needs the representation of experienced counsel who knows the Juvenile Court. Call today at (508) 762-4540 for a free in person or phone consultation.

Cappetta Law Offices takes juvenile cases in the following courts: Attleboro Juvenile Court | Brockton Juvenile Court | Brookline Juvenile Court Bristol County Juvenile Court | Cambridge Juvenile Court | Chelsea Juvenile Court Dedham Juvenile Court | Dorchester Juvenile Court | Dorchester Juvenile Court Dorchester Juvenile Court | Essex County Juvenile Court | Fall River Juvenile Court Framingham Juvenile Court | Hingham Juvenile Court | Lawrence Juvenile Court Lowell Juvenile Court | Lynn Juvenile Court | Middlesex County Juvenile Court Milford Juvenile Court | Newburyport Juvenile Court | Norfolk County Juvenile Court Plymouth County Juvenile Court | Quincy Juvenile Court | Salem Juvenile Court Stoughton Juvenile Court | Suffolk Juvenile Court | Taunton Juvenile Court Waltham Juvenile Court | Wareham Juvenile Court | Worcester Juvenile Court