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College Students

As a college student if you are charged with a crime you will need to consider the implications that charge may have on your criminal record. Many employers now run criminal record checks on all applicants for positions at their businesses. How your case is handled now may have a big impact on your ability to get employment after you finish school. In addition many schools have zero tolerance policies towards students convicted of crimes. What you view as a minor matter may end up depriving you of your campus housing, or even your ability to attend the school you are enrolled in. Attorney Cappetta can guide you through the legal system and try to protect you from all of the additional consequences that may occur outside the courtroom as a result of your criminal case. Attorney Cappetta is also available to represent you in front of any school disciplinary committee that may look to punish you as a result of your criminal charge. Attorney Cappetta understands that as a college student you most likely do not have limitless funds to hire an attorney, and is committed to providing quality services to you at a price you can afford. We also make payment plans and payment by credit card available to college students.