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DUI - Drunk Driving

Massachusetts DUI Defense Lawyer

Being arrested and charged with a DUI in Massachusetts is a very serious and stressful situation. Along with the embarrassment of being charged with a criminal offense, there is almost always an immediate loss of license that prevents you from driving to work or to any of the places you need to be to keep your world moving. A conviction for a DUI will impact your license, your insurance rates, and your criminal record. If you are facing a DUI charge you need to get an experienced, aggressive Massachusetts DUI lawyer working on your case immediately.

Former Massachusetts DUI Prosecutor Fighting to Clear Your Name

Attorney Cappetta is a former Middlesex County prosecutor who has been working on Massachusetts DUI cases his entire career. As a prosecutor, he worked with both local and state law enforcement and is intimately familiar with all of the procedures and policies regarding DUI investigations that law enforcement agencies use. As a defense attorney, Attorney Cappetta now uses that experience to protect the rights of those who are accused of drunk driving, and aggressively pursues a thorough defense to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual client.

Often police officers jump to a quick conclusion about someone's sobriety after only giving a few difficult and unfair tests that are designed to test balance, not intoxication. Often these tests are given in unfair conditions that don't leave you with much of an opportunity to pass the tests to the officer's satisfaction. As part of your defense Attorney Cappetta will go with you to the scene of your arrest and walk through what happened on each test with you step by step.

People often feel that if the police say they failed the field sobriety tests, or failed a breathalyzer test that their case is hopeless and they should just plea out. However, in many cases, exactly the opposite is true. Officers are human beings and frequently make mistakes in the way they administer the field sobriety tests. Many times at trial it can be shown to a jury that the tests you took were not a fair way to judge if you were under the influence of alcohol. Likewise, breathalyzer tests are not infallible, they are machines that are subject to mechanical failure. Frequently, breathalyzer machines have problems with user error because officers don't administer the tests in accordance with their training. Breathalyzer tests can be challenged prior to trial, and in some cases the jury will never even hear that a breathalyzer was administered. Even if the jury does hear breathalyzer evidence, it is possible to convince a jury that the test is inaccurate and shouldn't be considered.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Massachusetts don't wait to get an experienced and dedicated Massachusetts DUI Defense Lawyer involved in your case. The earlier you have an attorney on your side, the better your chances are for a successful outcome. Attorney Cappetta has offices in Framingham and Natick and takes DUI cases in all Middlesex County courts, and throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Don't hesitate to contact Cappetta Law Offices today for a free consultation.