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Theft Offenses

Massachusetts Theft Crimes Defense Lawyer

In Massachusetts there are several different crimes that are classified as theft crimes. A theft crime can be something as simple as a shoplifting charge, or can involve complex allegations involving conduct that spans over months or even years. Punishments for theft crimes can vary greatly as well. A simple shoplifting charge carries a maximum penalty of only a fine, (the greater impact in these cases is usually felt in the form of a criminal record entry), while felony larceny charges can carry lengthy sentences in state prison as a maximum penalty.

Because of the serious penalties and potential long term damage that can result in any kind of theft conviction, is important to be represented by an attorney in any situation where you face an allegation of theft. As a former prosecutor, Framingham Defense Lawyer Daniel Cappetta is familiar with the way that law enforcement attempts to build theft cases against suspects. He can spot when a case has been well put together by the authorities, and when there are holes in a case that allow for a viable defense to be put forward.

Experienced Framingham Theft Crimes Defense Lawyer

Attorney Cappetta has tried numerous cases involving allegations of theft as both an Assistant District Attorney, and as a theft crimes defense lawyer.

Because allegations of theft are often thought to reflect on a persons honesty and trustworthiness, you will want to protect your record from any indication that you are associated with theft crimes. Future employers often exclude potential employees if they have reason to believe that there is a potential that the employee has a criminal background. Some employers that are willing to overlook crimes that may reflect poor judgment (drunk driving, assault and battery, etc.) may not be willing to overlook accusations of theft out of fear that the potential new hire will steal from the company.

If you have been accused of any kind of theft crime, you need experienced, dedicated representation fighting on your behalf. Framingham Criminal Defense Lawyer Daniel Cappetta has the experience you need to help you fight your case in court, and protect your record for the future. Contact Attorney Cappetta today for a free case evaluation. At your free in person case evaluation, you will receive an analysis of your case based on the available information, as well as thoughts on how the case can be fought in court. You will also be provided with a flat free price quote for your case that comes with a guarantee that the cost of representation will never exceed the price quoted to you.