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Motor Vehicle Offenses

Massachusetts Suspended License Lawyer

In Massachusetts, certain motor vehicle infractions are treated as violations of the criminal law. This means that if you have been charged with driving on a suspended license, your case will be heard in criminal court. The potential penalties could include jail time and convictions on your criminal record. If you have no prior criminal record, and are accused of driving on a suspended license, it may be possible to resolve the case in a way that protects your criminal record from any entry. The same is true for accusations involving driving without a license. If you are facing an allegation involving driving without the proper license, be sure to consult with an experienced attorney who can help protect your record and ensure that you will be able to get your license back as quickly as possible. Contact Attorney Cappetta today for a free consultation regarding your particular situation.

Massachusetts Negligent Operation and Operating to Endanger Lawyer

Sometimes when the police feel that a driver operated their motor vehicle unsafely they can go beyond the traditional traffic and speeding tickets usually associated with the punishments for unsafe driving. When the police choose to do this they will usually charge a driver with the criminal offense known as Negligent Operation or Operating to Endanger. Although this offense is a misdemeanor, a conviction will cause a license suspension of at least 60 days and possibly longer for repeat offenders. Convictions for this offense also become part of a criminal record that can be checked by employers. How aggressively prosecutors choose to pursue these charges can depend on many factors including the extent of the unsafe driving that is alleged, whether or not the unsafe driving is suspected to be the cause of an accident, and if anyone suffered serious injuries as the result of the unsafe driving. If you have been charged with Negligent Operation, contact Attorney Cappetta today to discuss your options and potential defenses in a free consultation.

Massachusetts Leaving the Scene of Property Damage Lawyer

When police suspect that a driver has been involved in an accident and left the scene of that accident without exchanging information with the other driver, they will often charge the suspected driver with leaving the scene of property damage. This can be the case even if the accident did not occur with another car, but rather stationary property such as a telephone pole, stone wall, or even guard rail. Often police will simply charge the owner of the vehicle based on a reported license plate even if there is no eyewitness evidence to suggest that the owner of the vehicle was the actual driver. If you have been charged, or are being investigated for leaving the scene of property damage, contact Daniel Cappetta for a free case evaluation today.

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Homicide Lawyer

When an accident occurs and someone dies as a result of that accident the case is always investigated by authorities for a potential charge of motor vehicle homicide. Even if authorities believe no alcohol or drugs were involved, they will almost always charge motor vehicle homicide if they believe there was some negligence on the part of the driver at fault for the accident. Even if the negligence is something unintentional like falling asleep at the wheel, drifting across a painted line, making an illegal turn or even speeding, they will make every effort to charge the at fault driver with motor vehicle homicide. If you have been involved in an accident where a fatality has occurred, contact an attorney immediately and be sure that you are represented through every stage of the ensuing investigation. Contact Attorney Cappetta for a free consultation if you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance.