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Kidnapping is the term used to describe the crime of forcibly or secretly confining or imprisoning another person within this commonwealth against his will, or forcibly carrying or sending such person out of this commonwealth, or forcibly seizing and confining another person with the intent that he be confined or imprisoned in this state against his will or by causing someone to be sent out of this state against his will or to be held in service against his will. If the prosecutors are alleging that the defendant forcibly carried or sent a person out of this commonwealth, the prosecutors must prove that the defendant lacked authority and that he or she forcibly carried or sent someone out of the commonwealth. Force can also mean a display of potential force in this instance.

Kidnapping carries a penalty of up to ten years in a house of corrections, as well as a fine of up to $1,000. If you are charged with kidnapping to extort money, the penalty is up to life in prison. For a kidnapping conviction involving both a gun and extortion, the punishment is at least 20 years of state prison, up to a life sentence. For a kidnapping conviction that results in serious bodily injury to the person kidnapped, or if the person kidnapped was sexually assaulted, the punishment is at least 25 years in state prison. If the victim is under the age of 16 the punishment increases to a maximum 15-year state prison sentence. If the victim is sexually assaulted, a mandatory 25-year state prison sentence will be imposed.

Kidnapping is a serious charge that carries severe penalties. Aggravated kidnapping or kidnapping to extort money carry even more severe penalties. Anyone who is facing one of these charges needs a talented and capable Massachusetts kidnapping attorney. Well-meaning people can often face a kidnapping charge during contentious divorce proceedings or domestic violence situations. A parent trying to keep his or her child safe can face a kidnapping charge as retaliation from the other parent. Facing a kidnapping charge can be a terrifying and stressful situation. A capable Massachusetts kidnapping attorney can help you through this experience.

If you or a loved one is facing a kidnapping charge, contact Massachusetts kidnapping attorney Dan Cappetta. Attorney Cappetta can discuss your situation during a free consultation. Call Attorney Cappetta today.