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Massachusetts Shoplifting Lawyer

In these difficult economic times businesses have seen a rise in shoplifting. As a result, more and more stores have increased their staff of "loss prevention officers" These "loss prevention officers" are simply store security dedicated to reducing the amount of merchandise lost to shoplifting. They have no police authority, and cannot make arrests. However, under Massachusetts Law they are allowed to temporarily detain shoppers that they believe are stealing from the store. In the past few years, more resources have been devoted by stores to hiring and training these "loss prevention officers."

This increase in store security brings more aggressive and zealous enforcement of store policies. Although many times store security does its job by apprehending someone who is actually stealing, they have also been known to detain and even summon the police to deal with shoppers who may have made an honest mistake. Often times a completely innocent action on the part of a shopper can be misinterpreted by store security and result in detention or arrest.

Shoplifting is a charge that affects people from all walks of life. On a regular basis, people who society would never think of as criminals or thieves end up caught in a situation where store security accuses them of being a shoplifter. Often the police merely take store security at their word and do little or any investigation on their own.

Shoplifting is misdemeanor, however, all too often it is not taken seriously by those who are charged, or by the parents of a juvenile who is charged. Although it is a misdemeanor shoplifting still qualifies as a crime, and is included on criminal history reports in the state of Massachusetts.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for shoplifting it is important to ensure that the charge is handled in a way that will minimize or eliminate any potential harm in the future. Involving an experienced and effective attorney from the start is critical to ensure your case is handled in a way that protects your future.

The Natick Mall is one of the largest and most exclusive malls in all of New England. Each year people from all walks of life including juveniles, college students, professionals, homemakers, and senior citizens find themselves charged with shoplifting in Natick and in other surrounding towns and cities.

With an office located in Natick, Attorney Cappetta has worked on many shoplifting cases from the Natick Mall, and from shopping centers and stores throughout Massachusetts. Because of this extensive experience, he is well equipped to answer any questions you may have if you or your child is charged with shoplifting. Frequently, Attorney Cappetta obtains outcomes for his clients that resolve shoplifting charges and arrests without any criminal record ever being created.

Anyone who is charged with shoplifting is eligible for a free consultation regarding their case. At a free consultation Attorney Cappetta will walk through the incident with you, getting your perspective on what transpired, and letting you know how the police and the store are likely to present your case to the court. Consultation time is always free, and you will always know the total cost to hire Attorney Cappetta without any hidden fees or hourly rates before you make the decision to move forward.