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Massachusetts School Zone Defense Lawyer

School Zone charges are among the most severe charges that someone can face under Massachusetts law. If a defendant is convicted on a school zone charge he or she must be sentenced to a mandatory minimum of two years in the house of corrections. The judge has no discretion to reduce the sentence or to implement probation rather than jail time.

Police fine school zone charges when someone is found to be in possession of drugs with the intent to distribute said drugs within 1000 feet of a school, or 100 feet of a park. School zone charges an also be filed if a defendant actually distributes drugs within those same distances of a school or park.

School Zone charges present some of the most morally disturbing situations under Massachusetts law. If 17 year old high school student brings marijuana to school and gives it to another student police can choose to prosecute him for a school zone charge. If the 17 year old is convicted of a school zone violation he will be sent to jail for 2 years even if he has never committed any other crime in his life.

Unfortunately there is a great deal of inconsistency in how these school zone cases are handled by District Attorney's Offices across the state. Some offices are more willing to consider an individuals circumstances and lack of criminal record, while others are more inclined to push for a conviction regardless of a defendant's history of good behavior.

Because these charges are so severe it is imperative that anyone charged with a school zone be represented by a dedicated and experienced school zone criminal defense lawyer. As a former prosecutor Attorney Cappetta worked with police to build school zone cases against defendants. During his career in the District Attorney's Office Daniel Cappetta was often disturbed at the lengthy jail sentences non-violent offenders would be forced to serve as a result of the draconian school zone law. As a criminal defense lawyer fighting school zone charges is one of the causes Attorney Cappetta cares about passionately. He now uses the knowledge and experience he gained building school zone cases against to defendants to be a school zone criminal defense lawyer that gets results.

If you or a loved one is facing a school zone charge call school zone defense lawyer Daniel Cappetta immediately for a free consultation. Attorney Cappetta will sit down with you and go through your case step by step. He will explain the potential defenses you have, and what your chances may be to win your case. In your free consultation you will have the opportunity to go over your court documents with Attorney Cappetta and to ask questions regarding your case. Attorney Cappetta will also quote a price to handle your case. That price is a guarantee, and you will never be required to pay any fee above the quote in your initial consultation.