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Spousal and Partner Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Allegations of spousal or partner abuse typically arise after heated arguments or emotional situations. Because proof of injury is not required in Massachusetts for these charges, the cases often involve “he said, she said” situations where the alleged victim is the only witness against the suspect. These cases are easy to fabricate and can be difficult to defend. Anyone facing a charge related to spousal abuse needs an experienced and skilled Massachusetts spousal abuse attorney on his or her side. An experienced attorney can help someone accused of spousal abuse overcome the difficult odds that he or she is facing and defend their record.

Massachusetts police and prosecutors treat allegations of partner abuse very seriously, and the law favors accusers in numerous ways. When police are called to a house with allegations of domestic violence, a state law requires that they make an arrest. Charges related to domestic violence range from misdemeanors to felonies. Persons accused of spousal or partner abuse are often charges with assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, or harassment. Sometimes those accused of spousal or partner abuse can face charges of making threats, stalking, or even false imprisonment. These charges are serious and need to be treated seriously. Someone facing domestic violence charges, such as assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, can face jail time. These charges can also have an adverse impact on your relationships, your work, your ability to find a job in the future, and many other aspects of your life. These charges can also negatively impact your ability to get custody or visitation of your children if you and your partner separate. A conviction of a violent crime, such as assault and battery or assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, can haunt you for years.

Framingham spousal abuse lawyer Dan Cappetta is an experienced criminal attorney with an intimate knowledge of the domestic violence laws in Massachusetts. Attorney Cappetta is a former prosecutor who now uses his knowledge of police and prosecutor procedures related to domestic violence to help his clients achieve favorable results when they are facing these charges. Attorney Cappetta is familiar with the actions prosecutors will likely take when an accusation of domestic violence has been made. Attorney Cappetta has years of experience helping clients charged with offenses stemming from accusations of domestic violence achieve favorable results. Attorney Cappetta has even helped a multitude of clients get charges dismissed.

If you have been charged with a crime, such as assault and battery, harassment, stalking, or any other crime related to domestic violence accusations, you need a Framingham spousal abuse lawyer on your side. Call Attorney Cappetta today if you have been charged with any of these crimes. Attorney Cappetta can meet with you in a free consultation to discuss your situations and your options. Contact Attorney Cappetta today.