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Same Sex Domestic Violence

Domestic violence issues plague same-sex couples just as they do heterosexual couples. Domestic violence issues are complex and sensitive issues. No matter the parties, police and prosecutors are not always as understanding to the complexities of these circumstances as is necessary. Same sex domestic violence situations can have additional complexities to which police and prosecutors are not always sensitive. This lack of knowledge and understanding can often be attributed to a lack of training regarding the issues that accompany same sex relationships in general and, especially, domestic abuse situations in same sex relationships.

Despite evidence that domestic violence issues are often milder in same-sex couples, Massachusetts’s police and prosecutors treat allegations of domestic violence just as harshly. It can be difficult to determine who the batterer is and who the victim is in same-sex domestic violence situations. Often, neither party fits the traditional role of batterer and victim, and the incident may have just been a mutual argument or fight; however, under Massachusetts law, an arrest must occur when the police are called to a residence with allegations of domestic violence. Therefore, no matter how mild the situation, or if domestic abuse has even occurred, the police will make an arrest; additionally, the District Attorney’s office will often prosecute even when the alleged victim does not want to press charges.

Being charged with a domestic violence crime, such as assault and battery or harassment, can be a stressful experience. The longer the case drags on, the greater affect it can have on your work, school, and social life. Domestic violence cases can cause many details about your private life to become public and can taint an otherwise good reputation. A conviction for a domestic violence charge can have long-lasting effects on your life. Domestic violence convictions can cause child custody issues, job status issues, and can even lead to jail time.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a same-sex domestic violence crime, you need an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer. Though the police and prosecutors are not always adequately trained to handle same sex domestic violence accusations, having a lawyer on your side who understands the complexities of domestic violence situations can help mitigate some of the stress. Attorney Cappetta is a knowledgeable same-sex domestic violence lawyer who is sensitive to the unique needs of each of his clients. Attorney Cappetta is a former prosecutor who possesses an intimate knowledge of the domestic violence laws in Massachusetts. Attorney Cappetta now employs this knowledge of the likely actions police and prosecutor will take in domestic violence cases to help his clients achieve favorable results.

Attorney Cappetta can help you achieve favorable results in your situation and will do his best to protect your record. Contact Attorney Cappetta today if you need a same-sex domestic violence lawyer.