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Relative Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic violence cases often involve allegations of physical or emotional violence against family members.  Domestic abuse crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies and may involve jail time, depending on the crime.  Crimes commonly associated with relative domestic abuse include assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, sexual assault, harassment, threats, kidnapping, violation of a restraining order, stalking, or false imprisonment.  These crimes are considered domestic violence crimes when they are done against a family member or partner.  

Numerous crimes are associated with relative abuse.  It’s very easy to make a claim of domestic violence, and it’s often hard to defend yourself against an allegation of domestic violence.  Massachusetts has a mandatory arrest law regarding allegations of domestic violence.  That means that when someone has called the police to a house, and an allegation of domestic violence is made, and the police there is probable cause to believe the allegation, they are required to make an arrest.  Additionally, when a person accuses someone of domestic violence, that accuser often cannot drop the charges once the criminal prosecution begins, even if they want to do so.  Often, the Commonwealth will see the case through, even if the alleged victim has recanted his or her accusation.  Police and prosecutors in Massachusetts take allegations of relative abuse very seriously, especially if a minor or elderly person is the alleged victim.  

Anyone who is facing a charge related to an allegation of relative abuse needs an experienced Massachusetts domestic violence attorney on his or her side.  A charge of relative abuse can have dire consequences on many circumstances in a person’s life, including work, immigration, or child custody.  A conviction of one of these crimes could lead to jail time, fines, or probation.  Criminal charges and convictions can be lengthy and lead to black marks on a person’s record that can haunt them for years after the initial allegation is made.  Having a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney by your side through the process can alleviate much of the burden and stress that comes with facing one or more of these charges.  An attorney can help you navigate the complications that can arise with a relative abuse charge, such as the effects a charge of this kind can have on your immigration status.  Also, an attorney can help to shorten the otherwise lengthy process of fighting a charge from a domestic violence allegation.  You are more likely to get a favorable result when you have an experienced and skilled defense attorney fighting for you.

Massachusetts domestic violence and relative abuse attorney Dan Cappetta has gotten many domestic violence cases dismissed for his clients.  Call Attorney Cappetta today and he can meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your situation.  If you are facing a charge related to relative abuse, contact Attorney Cappetta today.