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Reading Criminal Defense Lawyer

Reading, Massachusetts is located in Middlesex County. Reading has a population of about 25,000 people. Reading was incorporated on June 10, 1644. Former Boston Celtics basketball player and coach Bill Russell lived in Reading in the 1960s. Reading is part of the Woburn District Court system. The Woburn District Court also serves nearby towns, such as North Reading and Burlington. The Woburn Court handles criminal charges, such as misdemeanors like shoplifting, and felonies like drug trafficking. The court also handles some civil charges and is open on regular business days. Reading criminal defense lawyer Cappetta has experience working in the Woburn District Court.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Reading, Massachusetts you will need a Reading criminal defense lawyer who has the knowledge, skill and experience to help you fight to protect your record and reputation. Reading criminal defense lawyer Daniel Cappetta is dedicated to fighting for the rights of his clients. As a former prosecutor, Reading criminal defense lawyer Cappetta has a deep knowledge of police procedure and how the Assistant District Attorney may attempt to prosecute the case against you. Attorney Cappetta now uses that knowledge to help clients fight cases, clear their names, and end the embarrassment and stress that comes with facing criminal charges.

Whether your choice is to take a plea or go to trial, Attorney Cappetta is a Reading criminal defense lawyer with tough negotiating skills who understands what is necessary to get his clients the best results. In numerous situations Attorney Cappetta has been able to secure deals that let clients avoid jail time and also helped clients get plea deals that leave no findings on the client’s criminal record so as not to hinder a client’s ability to secure future employment.

All potential clients are invited to come to Reading criminal defense lawyer Cappetta’s office for a free consultation. In your free consultation, you will get a thorough assessment of your case, including the opportunity to ask questions about your situation.

Reading criminal defense lawyer Cappetta understands that facing a criminal charge is a stressful situation in numerous ways, including financially. Attorney Cappetta works hard to keep his fees reasonable. Additionally, because Attorney Cappetta operates on a flat-fee basis for cases, he will be able to quote you a guaranteed cost of your defense. Attorney Cappetta will also let you know what he believes to be the best strategy for your case.