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Natick, Massachusetts is located about 15 miles from Boston and is in the part of Massachusetts often referred to as the Metrowest region. Natick has a population of roughly 33,000 people. The town is well known for its large commercial shopping centers, most notably the Natick Mall. Natick is considered to be part of the Greater Boston area. Natick was first settled in 1651 and was officially incorporated in 1781. Natick has a representative town meeting form of government, and does not have a singular mayor or first selectman. The Natick Police are the primary law enforcement organization present in the town, although the State Police also patrol some of the state maintained roads, most notably sections of Route 90. (The Massachusetts Turnpike)

When people are charged with crimes in Natick, the cases are heard at the Natick District Court. The Natick District Court used be located in Natick on East Central Street, but a few years ago it was moved to within the walls of the Framingham District Court. The Natick District Court remains as its own separate entity with its own Clerk's Office and its own Probation Department. However, it is now housed entirely within the Framingham District Court. The Natick District Court hears all criminal cases from the towns of Natick and Sherborn, Massachusetts

Cappetta Law Offices has an office in Natick, and regularly helps clients with criminal cases in the Natick District Court. Attorney Daniel Cappetta is a Natick criminal defense lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to handle your Natick criminal charges. Daniel Cappetta's aggressive and thorough representation can identify weak points in the prosecution's case against you, as well as the strengths of your case, and the best method of defending you against incarceration or other potential legal penalties.

As a Natick criminal defense lawyer, Daniel Cappetta offers a free consultation to all potential clients. At your free consultation, you will receive an explanation about the process you are facing. Attorney Cappetta will also examine the court documents in your case, and conduct an interview with you to help him determine what the best possible avenues of defense are for your case. He will explain the maximum penalties and consequences that could result from your charges. All of this time is free of charge, and there is no hard sell and no commitment to hire Attorney Cappetta when you come in for the free consultation.

If you are in need of a Natick criminal defense lawyer, call Attorney Cappetta now at (508) 762-4540 or contact him via the web form on this site.