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Marlborough Criminal Defense Lawyer

Marlborough, Massachusetts has a population of almost 40,000 people and is located in Middlesex County. Marlborough first started as a town, and was later incorporated as city in 1890. In the early 20th century Marlborough was known as a major center of the shoe industry in Massachusetts. Marlborough continued to be an industrial city heavily involved in shoe manufacturing up through the 1970s. Marlborough is located in the part of Massachusetts commonly referred to as Metrowest and receives public transportation services through the Metrowest Regional Transit Authority. Marlborough is home to the Marlborough District Court located at 45 Williams Street. The Marlborough District Court handles all criminal charges from Marlborough and Hudson.

If you are facing a criminal charge in the Marlborough District Court, you need a Marlborough Criminal Defense Lawyer, who has the experience and skill to protect your record and fight for your rights. As a former Middlesex County Prosecutor, Daniel Cappetta is a Marlborough Criminal Defense Lawyer who can help you assess your case and devise a strategy to get you the best possible outcome.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Daniel Cappetta worked on hundreds of cases in the District Courts of Middlesex County. In working on those cases, he became intimately familiar with the techniques used by law enforcement and the District Attorney's office to build cases against defendants. In 2010, Attorney Cappetta made the decision to leave the District Attorney's office and dedicate his career to helping people who are facing criminal charges. He now uses his knowledge of police procedures and prosecutorial strategy to successfully defend his clients against criminal charges.

Marlborough District Court handles a wide variety of criminal charges. Misdemeanors such as shoplifting and driving on a suspended license are handled by the court, as well as serious felonies such as assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and witness intimidation. The Marlborough District Court is open every weekday, and always has at least one judge on duty. On days when jury trials are heard, the court will have an additional judge available so that trials can be done alongside the court's regular business.

If you are facing a criminal charge in Marlborough District Court, call Marlborough Criminal Defense Lawyer Daniel Cappetta immediately for a free consultation. In your free consultation with Attorney Cappetta you will receive an in depth evaluation of your case, including a review of all the documents related to the case,and an opportunity for you to ask questions. Attorney Cappetta will give you his assessment of your potential defenses, and discuss the potential outcomes for your individual situation.

In your free consultation with Attorney Cappetta, you will never be given a high pressure sales pitch, rather you will receive a quote of how much it will cost to handle your case. That quote is a guaranteed price, and if you hire Attorney Cappetta you will never pay more for his services than the initial quote. Call Attorney Cappetta today at (508) 762-4540 or contact him via the form on this website.