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Acton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Acton, Massachusetts is located in Middlesex County and has a population of about 22,000 people. Acton was settled in 1639 and later incorporated in 1735. Residents of Revolutionary-era Acton participated in the growing hostility toward Great Britain by sending a list of grievances to King George III on October 3, 1774. This date is now celebrated each year as Crown Resistance Day in Acton. Acton is part of the Concord District Court system. The Concord District Court is open on weekdays and has always has at least one judge on duty to handle cases. Cappetta Law Offices has handled many cases in the district courts of Middlesex County, including the Concord District Court.

A person facing a charge in the Concord District Court needs a practiced criminal defense attorney to represent his or her case. Acton Criminal Defense Lawyer Cappetta has the experience to successfully defend a person facing a criminal charge in the Concord District Court. Attorney Cappetta works with his clients to successfully defend cases in a way that addresses each client’s individual needs.

If you or a relative has been charged with a serious felony involving accusations of drug distribution or a misdemeanor like assault and battery, call Acton Criminal Defense Lawyer Cappetta today. Attorney Cappetta has a unique set of skills that help him successfully defend his clients: Attorney Cappetta worked in the Middlesex County District Attorney’s office for years. This previous experience with the prosecutors of Middlesex County allows him to predict the strategies that the police and prosecutors will likely use in a criminal case against one of his clients. Because he knows their tactics, he is well equipped to defend against their cases.

Acton Criminal Defense Lawyer Cappetta can be contacted at (508) 762-4540 or via his website. Attorney Cappetta works closely with his clients to prepare their cases. Additionally, he offers prospective clients a free consultation that includes an assessment of potential defenses and an evaluation of your case by him. This complimentary consultation also includes a price quote of your case. This quote is a guaranteed price of your case and his fee will not increase if you hire him. If you are in need of an Acton criminal defense lawyer, call Attorney Cappetta today or contact him via his website.